Ulie Schwab


Ulie Schwab was born on February 1st 1950 in Lübbecke, Germany. After passing her senior high-school exams in a Language School, she moved to the Lake Geneva region in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Here she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and later worked in this field. From a young age, she dedicated herself to various creative arts such as painting, ceramics, sculpture, Ikebana and music. Among other institutions, Ulie studied at the Ecole ABC de Paris and also under the tuition of the artist Pierre Beck. Since 2009, she has dedicated herself fully to the arts and has worked as a freelance artist in her own studio in Bursins, Switzerland. In her abstract works, Ulie Schwab focuses on the idea of ‘energy’ which expresses itself in an unfolding of tranquility and serenity. Thus she invites her viewers to immerse themselves in a contemplative atmosphere and explore the emotional values that she is trying to establish. Within the framework of a Zen meditation, the artist opens up rooms of her own in which the viewers can move at ease and from which they can regenerate and draw new positive energy. Energy as the real elixir of life, which she elicits from painting, is the artist’s response for the ever changing flux and temporary nature of things. This energy, in a very unique way, draws us back to her affiliations to Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as to Japanese culture. To date, Ulie Schwab has exhibited her works in Switzerland, Italy and France and is now being represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery worldwide.
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