Sergio Cortez


Sergio Cortez was born in 1984 in Irapuato (Mexico). Since 2003 he has lived and worked in Leverkusen (Germany), on the one hand as a psychotherapist, on the other hand as an artist in his own studio. The motivation for his artistic work stems from a combined interest in psychology and constructivism. Through the play of line constructs and highly reduced blobs of color, he explores various ways of representing human emotional states and their effect on our perception. In doing so, the human face stands for him as a bridge between the inner self, which eludes our perception, and the outward self, which is in constant flux, yet somehow seems more accessible. The faces in their different emotional states are wrapped in a kind of cloud, often only hinted at, thus allowing us to trace the universal of psychological states, even though emotions can only ever be felt individually. Thus, tensions arise between the inner and the outer, the perception of the other and the subjectively felt, the universal and the individual. His paintings hold many white, empty spaces in which the viewer’s mind can “rest”, so to speak, in order to engage itself constructivistically. Sergio Cortez has been represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2020.