Mira Ceti


Mira Ceti was born in Dresden. Together with her son and husband, she managed to escape from the former GDR to Hamburg in 1989, where she now lives and works as an artist. Since 2009 she has been intensively engaged in oil painting and classical techniques in seminars and study courses, including several at the Hamburg Art Academy. Herdin Radtke is just one of the lecturers who have accompanied her on this path. In 2019, after studying art for three years, she graduated with a master’s degree from the “Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg” under Prof. Hannes Baier in Mattsee. She has been presenting her works to the public since 2018. In her large-format oil paintings, she deals with themes of the time, for example in the painting “Homeschooling”, which reflects the often-felt desperateness of schoolchildren during the Corona period. Technically demanding, she combines two techniques here: in the background she uses a loose Décalcomanie technique with acrylic and thin oil glaze; in the centre of the picture, which also captures the viewer’s eye in terms of content, she applies a classical realistic technique of oil painting. The diffuse part represents world events that cannot be grasped in details. It surrounds the central, detailed part which – metaphorically speaking – depict her concern and the subject matter of the painting. This kind of dichotomy forms her characteristic fingerprint. Her pictures can be read as explorations of the themes of the future and the environment, nature and the limits of man, digitality and joie de vivre. Philosophical ideas such as the pursuit of beauty, harmony, balance and happiness are supporting, “self-revealing” pictorial elements, which as such have an unspoken positive effect on the viewers of her colourful paintings. Mira Ceti has been represented by LDXArtrodrome Gallery since 2023. Her paintings have already been shown in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hong Kong.
2022 – Hamburg zeigt Kunst Hamburg 2020 – 22th Art Interna7onal Zurich 2019 – 21th Art Interna7onal Zurich 2018 – Asia Contemporary Art Hongkong- Art Salzburg Contemporary – 20th Art International Zurich – Galerie “Makowski” Berlin