Marianne Hopf


Marianne Hopf was born in Freiburg i. Br./Germany in 1959. Her decision to study fine art was made early on, which she finally put into practice from 1982-87 at the Freie Kunstschule in Nürtingen. Her first confrontations with Abstract Expressionism and the then current art in the USA, as well as repeated work meetings with Emilo Vedova in Venice in 1985/86, are among her early influences, which have endured in an expanded and personalized form to this day. Various grants from renowned foundations (including the Berlin Senate, the Berliner Künstlerförderung, the Käthe Dorsch Foundation, the Kunstfonds Bonn, the Artist-in-Residence Program, Herhusid, Siglufjördur, Iceland and the Morat Institute for Art and Art Research Freiburg) have enabled her to work as a freelance artist in Berlin, New York and, since 2017, in Iceland. The artist lives and works in Lahr (Black Forest) and Berlin. With the means of painting and asking questions of wonder, the artist Marianne Hopf sees herself as a scientist of a special kind. Her attention to the world before 2017 – i.e. before her confrontation with the primordial nature of earth movements as they appear in Iceland – was more focused on the phenomena of growth as the basis of life. In Iceland, however, her world broke open almost literally: fractures and cracks underfoot, explosions and threatening weather events, lava fields stretching to the horizon and insurmountable abysses, in short, she found herself in the midst of the drama of the “sublime”, as Immanuel Kant might have summarized it. The monumental movements of the earth, in which people become small and at the same time feel part of the whole, allow their own inner state and the outside world to merge. When working, it seems to the artist as if her hands are the needle of the seismograph that records all the movements, and as if her psycho-physical reflections on these natural events become visible in the picture. Seen in this way, the artist becomes an exploratory mediator on the threshold between art and nature, between inner and outer movement, a moment on the wave between existence, transience and a new beginning. In the painterly gesture of imaginary, almost monochrome landscapes, she captures the fragility and magic of these moments. Marianne Hopf can look back on numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. She has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2024.
Einzelausstellungen:2023 Durchblick & Einblick im Hier, bemaltes Objekt mit integrierter Fotoinstallation, Städtisches Museum Lahr; Galerie am Stadtplatz, Bad Dürkheim 2022 Kunst im Kapellengang, Uniklinikum (UKM)Gießen; Dauerinstallation im Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Freiburg 2021 GalleryNO10, Berlin; Galerie am Stadtplatz, Bad Dürkheim 2020 Galerie im Tor, Emmendingen 2019 NordArt-Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf 2019-2021 Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Freiburg; Stipendiatenausstellung-Herhusid, Siglufjördur, Island 2018 Galerie Thomas Menzel, Kenzingen; Stipendiatenausstellung-Herhusid, Siglufjördur, Island 2017 Podium Kunst, Schramberg 2015-16 Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Freiburg 2015 Städtische Galerie Nürtingen; Kunsthalle Altdorf 2014 Kunst im Kapellengang, Uniklinikum Gießen; Lorraine Ogilvie Gallery, Marburg 2012 Städtische Galerie Lahr 2011 NordArt-Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf 2010 Lorraine Ogilvie Gallery, Marburg 2008 Georg Scholz Haus, Waldkirch; Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Freiburg 2007 Herzzentrum Bad Krozingen; Galerie Owens, Renchen 2006 Städtische Galerie Erstein (F); Speyerer Literaturtage; BBBank Mannheim 2005 Kunstverein Paderborn; Kunstverein Mittleres Kinzigtal, Hausach; Ehemalige Synagoge Kippenheim 2004 AKAD-art, Stuttgart; Galerie Messao Wrede, Hamburg; SWR-Studio, Freiburg 2003 Galerie Espace Suisse, Strasbourg (F); Kunstwerk, Herford 2002 Art Chicago, June Kelly Gallery (USA); Galerie Messao Wrede, Hamburg 2001 June Kelly Gallery, New York (USA); Neuwerk Kunsthallen Konstanz 2000 Galerie Petersen und Partner, Berlin 1999 Galerie Espace Suisse, Strasbourg (F) 1998 Galerie Wolf, Berlin; June Kelly Gallery, New York (USA) 1994 June Kelly Gallery, New York (USA); Galerie Wolf, Berlin; Galerie Trapez, Potsdam 1992 Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin; Galerie in fonte Berlin; Kunstverein Niebüll