Maria R. Capriles-Heller


Maria Rebeca Capriles-Heller was born in Caracas/Venezuela in 1953. In 1971, she first studied architecture in Madrid, but since 1982 she has been increasingly occupied with art: in colleges and art academies in London, Esslingen, Göppingen, Bad Heilbrunn and Gerlingen, she took part in courses and seminars in the subjects of oil and acrylic painting, portrait and nude painting and, most recently, sculpture. Under the motto “Art-moves-me”, the artist captures moments of life and nature that seem important to her. She is constantly working on her various series. For example, her “Travel pictures” are impressions and sensations recorded like a diary, storing small and large details of life. “Abstract and Reflective” is motivated by memories of Venezuela, the famous uprising, and by poverty and injustice in the Third World. In addition, she also portrays memorable women and men who give or gave cause to consider the meaning of life and existence. She is particularly interested in tragic or bizarre figures whose appearance and glamour often does not correspond to their actual being or well-being. Maria Rebeca Capriles-Heller has exhibited in Germany, France and the USA and has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2023.