Jana Dettmer


Jana Dettmer was born in Braunschweig (Germany) in 1965. She studied painting at the Freie Kunstschule (Cologne) from 2013 to 2015. She lives and works in the South of France and Cologne. From there, she also engaged in numerous museum projects with other artists such as the cross-media artist Michael Jansen (Düsseldorf) and the painter and filmmaker Heinz Zolper. Additionally, she built up her second mainstay as a business lawyer after completing her law studies. For her, her abstract artworks in mixed media are not only aesthetic objects, but reach into other fields such as psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Jana Dettmer works in three styles of abstract art, which she strings together as if in a logical sequence: Monochrome Icons, Abstract Landscapes and Gestural Abstracts. Her monochrome works with their wide colour fields are reminiscent of the spiritual, meditative works of a Mark Rothko. Compared to the Monochrome Icons, the Abstract Landscapes now incorporate more small details. It is only through the viewer’s imagination that they become landscapes in the first place. In their third series, the expansion of the details becomes ever more powerful and “wild” through broad, gestural strokes, lines and colour fields. Conceived as a complete, coordinated work, the artist carefully changes and increases the emotionally set, colourful stimuli from series to series, from a meditative, reflective monochrome to an imaginative, landscape-like sea to an agitated, moving, gestural structure through the kind of abstraction of her three series. The artist consciously addresses modern man with her works when she says: “Whoever manages to pause and trace the interaction of colour in the picture surface and in space will encounter himself.” This self-encounter of modern man with himself and his time is holistically proposed to him by her in the abstract three-step: through meditation, through imagination and through emotional involvement in the complexity of a broad, emotional context that overarches the viewer. Jana Dettmer has been represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2023. Her works are already in numerous museums and international collections due to her international exhibition activity.
2022 Soloausstellung Elbgalerie Winter, Hamburg; Gemeinschaftsausstellung KunstStücke art projects, Köln; Galerie Flow Fine Art, Leverkusen; Discovery Art Fair Köln; Gruppenausstellung Galerie Böhner, Mannheim 2021 Discovery Art Fair Köln; Art Fair Brüssel (Galerie Böhner); Gemeinschaftsausstellung KunstStücke art projects, Köln 2020 Salons d’art Contemporain art3f (van Gogh Art Gallery), Monaco; Gruppenausstellung Galeria de Arte Gaudi, Madrid; Salons d’art contemporain art 3f ( Galeria de Arte Gaudi), Paris; Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2019 TAS Art Forum Athen; ST-ART Foire Européenne d’Art Contemporain, Straßburg; Gruppenausstellung KunstStücke art projects, Köln; Soloausstellung Kunst im Torhaus, Die Flora, Köln; Discovery Art Fair Köln 2018 Gruppenausstellung Produzentengalerie BB, Aachen; Galerie Voigt, Nürnberg; Gruppenausstellung Kunst in der Unterkirche St. Engelbert, Köln; Gruppenausstellung KunstStücke art projects, Köln; Kölner Liste 2018, Art Fair, Köln; 2017 KunstStücke art projects, Köln 2016 KunstStücke art projects, Köln