Gerd Stritzel


Gerd Stritzel was born in Friedrichshafen/Germany in 1961. Initially, he studied Fine Arts and Graphics at the Gutenberg School of Design in Stuttgart. He gained his first professional experience as a stage designer at the San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Ballet. During this time, he also created dioramas for the Academy of Science. He then continued the family business “Art Studio” in Immenstaad with his sister, designing and creating large-scale, figurative 3D dream worlds for theme parks and water parks. His travels to Cambodia, Cuba, Doha, Sri Lanka, Bali, America, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Tanzania and other European countries have also made a lasting impression on his work as a freelance artist. Gerd Stritzel meets people in their everyday life on these journeys. He intuitively captures their faces as a moment between their individuality and their cultural embeddedness. With a spontaneous feeling for what is decisive, with a special intuition for the elementary, which raises the particular to the higher level of the general and thus of knowledge, the artist celebrates a work of his intuition with each new portrait. This is why he calls his approach to art “Intuitive Realism”. An openness to the unexpected, a certain imprecision that does not follow logic, but rather feeling combined with an insight into his own way of perceiving – these are all components that contribute to his working method, which is always full of surprises. Gerd Stritzel has been exhibiting works from his extensive oeuvre internationally since his studies. He has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2024.