Florence Solvay


Florence Solvay was born on February 2nd, 1944 in Leutkirchen (Allgäu). During her studies (Saarbrücken) she also did an apprenticeship in photography. This was followed by study trips abroad and a study of philosophy, art history and archeology at the University of Mainz. From 1988 to 1992 she studied painting with Christa Moering (Wiesbaden). Almost at the same time she was trained in woodblock printing with Karlfried Kunz-Weißmann. She has been an active, freelance artist since 1989. She lives and works in Georgenborn (Schlangenbad, Taunus). Florence Solvay works in the media of sculpture, woodblock printing and painting. Common to all her working techniques is the creative basis from which they originate: the artist borrows her ideas from nature and light, architecture and her impressions which she collects during her travels. She uses the woodblock printing technique, among other things, for landscape depictions and the development of masks, which on the one hand were certainly inspired by her Far Eastern journeys. On the other hand, she also traces the origins of what we commonly refer to as “person”; “persona” originally means nothing but “mask”. The “White Series” and the Sgraffiti-pictures are created in elaborate work processes and are testimonies of light. Since reproduction of these painterly-graphic pictures only reflect a fraction of their original energy, direct contact with the art works, direct viewing and interaction with them are required in order to feel their playful effect. Florence Solvay looks back on many years of exhibitions in Europe. She has been represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2020.
Galerie Wiesweg, Deutschland Atelier Moering, Deutschland Salon D`Estampe in Draguinan, Frankreich Fortezza von Montepulciano, Italien Rathaus Sarreguemines, Frankreich Rathaus von Walldorf/Wiesloch (Deutschland) Rathaus Wiesbaden, Deutschland 2018 Munich Arthouse, Deutschland 2019 ART MUC Oktober 2019, Deutschland