Sylvia Grauer


Sylvia Grauer was born on 13 October 1949 in Germany. After her studies at the University of Tübingen and a sojourn in France, she taught Fine Art, Mathematics and French at various German High Schools. Artistically she reveals a great affinity to American Abstract Expressionism and to her teachers Stephan Fritsch, Jerry Zeniuk, Heribert Heindl, Ingrid Floss among others. During the past few years she has begun to exhibit on a greater scale. She lives and works as artist in Tübingen. The artist Sylvia Grauer can be placed within the “colore” tradition of painting that emphasizes emotion. Her abstractions in acrylics seek to rediscover the timelessness of Beauty in spaces of colour, structures, points and lines, which appeal to our feelings for harmony and serenity. They in fact form a counterpart to the highly structured and structuring world of technology. To Sylvia Grauer, titles of a paintings bridge the world of colours with the constructed object-world of our daily life. They correlate to our constant search for stability and meaning in life. Sylvia Grauer has been received into the program of LDXArtodrome gallery since 2018. She is represented by the gallery internationally.