Anne Hefer


Anne Hefer was born on 26th Sept. 1941 at Hagen/ Germany. Between 1961 and 1966, she studied History of Art and German Studies at the University of Marburg and Cologne as well as at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste at Düsseldorf. In 1977, she worked in New Mexico/ USA and for some time devoted herself to digital image processing and computer art at the Hochschule für Bil­den­de Künste in Braun­schweig. Besides having taken part in many exhibitions, the artist has worked constantly for the art magazin „Kunst 5-10“ (Friedrich Verlag GmbH) since 2004. In her artistic activities, Anne Hefer is motivated and inspired by the various forms of beauty which oil paintings can express. Oil painting has a long tradition, but its potentials are still not fully explored. Each painting always means that the artist sets out into the unknown following her creative artistic instincts. The way she uses colour transforms thoughts and emotions from reality to a fictitious form and from this form of the imagination back into reality. In the interplay between mind, heart and hand, her works are created without any prior concepts in a flowing process that provides her with the freedom that only the creative arts can grant. Anne Hefer can look back to a great number of exhibitions and is internationally represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery.
Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl) 1995 Glashaus Galerie, Derneburg 1996 Volksbank, Hagen 1996 Fraunhofer IZM im Technologie- und Innovationspark, Berlin 1998 Künstlerhaus, Göttingen 1998 Kultursaal Schloss Pulsnitz (Ernst-Rietschel-Kulturring) 1999 DATA-Warehouse, Berlin 2000 S-Galerie der Kreissparkasse Westerwald, Bad Marienberg 2001 S-Galerie der Sparkasse, Göttingen 2005 Galerie Alte Feuerwache, Göttingen 2010 Stiftung Rotonda, Schweiz 2014 Hagenring Galerie Hagen 2016 Artodrome Galerie Berlin 2017 Gutshaus Steglitz Berlin Ausstellungsbeteiligungen (Auswahl) 2009 Kunst im Hafen, Düsseldorf 2009 Kunstverein Willich 2011 Kunstforum, Düsseldorf 2011 Rathausgalerie, Kaarst: 2011 Frauenmuseum, Bonn 2012 Heinrich-Heine-Institut, Düsseldorf 2013 Orangerie Schloss Benrath 2013 Kulturelle Landpartie Wendland, Dannenberg 2015 Neue Galerie der VHS Essen 2015 La Madeleine Frankreich 2017 Hagenring Galerie Hagen Messen 2015 HanseArt Lübeck 2015 Artfair Shanghai 2015 Artfair Köln 2016 HanseArt Lübeck 2016 Artfair Köln 2017 LA Artshow 2017 Art Beijing 2017 YIA Art Paris