Susanne Saidi-Schuster


Susanne Saidi-Schuster was born in Wald (ZH)/Switzerland in 1963.  She first received some training in the commercial sector and worked with the pharmaceutical industry. Then  she began to intensely study painting at the new art school at Zurich and at the art schools of Notburga Vogt, Robert Süess and Sylva Renngli. Since 2013, she has continuously attended events at the “Fabrik am See”, Germany.  Since 2004, she has worked as freelance artist in her own studio. Susanne Saidi-Schuster´s artworks raise questions that reflect her concern with socio-political and philosophical topics. In the context of continuous processes of change and alterations, she aims at new perspectives and ideas, the results of which form the essence of her artistic work. She often creates figures in a semi- abstract way whom she paints with strong colors separated by a clear black outline.  They emerge from the flatness of the paintings in a great mystic intensity. Technically her works can be  perceived as a further development of Picasso´s late phase. The artist works in series, in which each image can be viewed just by itself while being part of a thematic cycle at the same time. Susanne Saidi-Schuster has especially exhibited in Switzerland and has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2016.